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Been awhile...

...since I posted anything here. No word, yet, on a possible promotion. I do have my interview scheduled for sometime in June. Right now we're in the all important sweeps period so work is very, very busy. Last night was amazing here in Indiana as we turned into a complete circus for the Demcratic primary. Apparently Barack Obama was actually in the building the other day and I missed him. Had I known he would be in for an interview I would have at least been present just to take the measure of the man. For those who care, everyone that worked the shoot with him said he was very nice.

And since it's been awhile since I posted I thought I should put something cute on here. 

The Club is back in action

I should really be in bed right now but I just had to post my thoughts about the return of WMC. Man it was good to have the gals back in action.  And the promo for next week's episode looks even better.  For

demeter94and the other overseas friends who haven't seen the episode, yet, I'm putting my favorite things about the episode under the cut.


So close yet so far...

I got ridiculously excited when I programmed my DVR to record WMC tomorrow night.  Just seeing it back on the schedule made me all kinds of happy.  I've had a Monday and a half so I'll take little blips of joy where I can find them. :)  Tuesday seems so close and yet so far.  I can't wait to see what they've done with the show under a new showrunner.

Speaking of showrunners... Liz Craft and Sarah Fain (WMC's original showrunners) have more than landed on their feet.  They're writing for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse which comes to FOX this fall.  They worked for him before on Angel.  Just one more reason to check out what promises to be an interesting series.

I also wanted to add that I really, really, really want Clinton and Obama to hurry up and figure out who is going to be the Democratic nominee.   I live in one of the two states they are currently campaigning heavily in.  The ads are starting to drive me nuts.  There isn't anything wrong with the content - it's the frequency.  Usually at this point Indiana doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.  The race is usually over and voting is just a matter of form.  This year we're vitally important.  At least it gets the state noticed... hopefully in a good way.

Now if we could just get a Super Bowl.  You should see the Colts' new stadium.  It's absolutely freaking amazing.

Enough rambling. I'm wiped.  Till tomorrow...  

One more cute animal vid for the day

I don't know why I find this adorable but I do...   Wish I liked vegetables this much.

I'm a cat person...

So I just had to share this... Toward the end is the best part.

No wild Friday night here...

It has been one hell of a week.  I'm glad to get to the weekend, but unfortunately there is no rest for the wicked.  I've got lawn care all day tomorrow then its back to work on Sunday.  Sweeps months are always busy in the TV biz but this May seems like it's going to be crazier than normal.  I think I'm going to post this entry, read a little bit, then go to bed.  What an exciting life I lead, huh?

Oh well.  I'd rather be busy than bored.

I played around with some more Serenity icons.  I want to do a few more of some other characters then I think I'll move on to Stargate or something else.  Maybe some Criminal Minds.  We'll see.



Just for fun

Just for fun... check out how Women's Murder Club is marketed down under...

More Serenity Icons

I played around with a few more.  I liked the first batch better but there are a few here I like.


Firefly icons

A friend asked for these so I put together a few tonight.  Here they are if anyone is interested.  Just let me know if you take them!